Solar  PV Training 

Accurate and Honest

Course on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Design, Installation & Maintenance provides detailed technical
information and step-by-step methodology for design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of
grid-connected and off-grid solar PV systems.
The course covers fundamental principles behind working of a solar PV system, use of dfferent components in
a system, methodology of sizing these components to create a well functioning solar PV system, and
methodology of evaluating financial performance of a solar PV system.
The course also includes a description of procedures to conduct site surveys for system sizing and installation,
and performing testing, commissioning, maintenance activities in accordance with relevant international
standards relating to grid-connected and off-grid solar PV systems.
This course is designed ideally for professionals looking to enter solar industry, or interact with solar projects in
current line of work. However, professionals from a range of backgrounds can also use this course to gain entry
in India’s booming solar industry, include 􀃝nal year engineering/science students. The course has been
developed by Roop solar materials and is reviewed regularly to ensure high quality and globally current training


  Solar Training Course.

Lecture 1 : Introduction to Solar Energy & Industry
Lecture 2 : Future and Scope of Solar Power
Lecture 3 : Solar PV Modules Types
Lecture 4 : Inverters and Their Types
Lecture 5 : Batteries and Their Types
Lecture 6 : What are Charge Controllers ?
Lecture 7 : Introduction to PCU's.
Lecture 8 : Mounting Structures & Their Types.
Lecture 9 : Tools used in Solar Installation.
Lecture 10 : On Grid Systems.
Lecture 11 : Off - Grid Systems.
Lecture 12 : Wiring Fundamentals
Lecture 13 : Understanding Voltage & Current
Lecture 14 : Multimeter Simulation
Lecture 15 : Solar Site Survey
Lecture 16 : Site Installation Training (On-Grid)
Lecture 17 : Site Installation Training (Off-Grid)
Lecture 18 : Service & Maintenance
Bonus 1 : Introduction to Solar Water Heater.
Bonus 2 : How to make Career in Solar Industry?

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