Solar Roof Top Plant 

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Solar Panel Repair, Energy Efficiency Consultation, and Solar Panel Installation services are just a few of the extras we offer at Roop solar solution. Our commitment to excellence and to our customers drives us to offer more and more products and services designed to provide you with multiple solutions to every need. Get in touch today and esquire about more services.

Solar Roof Top Plant Installation

                Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Roop Solar has developed a range of standard PV Systems for on-grid and off-grid applications. The components are best chosen to
ensure reaching the highest qualitative performance of the system with very stringent quality checks. Additional to our standard
portfolio, our team of experienced engineers can develop PV systems based upon your specific requirements both for on-grid and off-
grid applications either roof-top or free-field installations.
and customized solar power plant project for you.
We have a wealth of experience in managing utility scale projects with insight into what it takes to work within the demands of
regulatory policies and varying geographies, both in urban and rural areas.

1-Site survey
2-System Designing
3-Preparation of D.P.R
4-Supply, Installation & Testing of Power Plant.
Supply of Solar Panels/ Invertors/ Batteries/ Module Mounting Structure.
After Installation services of the systems installed
for a specific project or job, get in touch and a consultant will be happy to help you


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